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Heightened Health Insurance


Types of Insurance

Individual & Family

Short Term

Accident, Sickness & Hospital

Dental & Vision



At HHI, our goal is to take the guesswork out of the insurance coverage process, saving Americans the stress and unnecessary hassle of comparing endless insurance options online. Our network of qualified expert insurance agents will help you to find a plan that not only seamlessly fits into your monthly budget, but also provides the quality coverage you need for yourself and your family.

When you work with us, your needs are always our top priority. Our licensed insurance agents will source the perfect plan for you based on your lifestyle, medical needs, and most importantly, your budget. We’ll never recommend switching your existing healthcare coverage until we find a quality healthcare plan that checks all the boxes, while also offering a better price.

Many individuals have been disillusioned by the deceptive tactics of insurance companies over the course of time, and we seek to change that perception with a business model built on integrity, honesty, and transparency.


Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, self-employed individual, or simply looking for short term health insurance coverage to bridge the gap between jobs or other periods of transition. Since 2017, we’ve helped source over 70,000 healthcare policies for individuals and families across the country, including comprehensive medical coverage, dental insurance, vision insurance, and discounted plan options.



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